Thai Back Massage Looking for a beauty

Thai massage of the back and shoulders
A type of traditional Thai massage that focuses mainly on the shoulders, shoulders and neck. It is recommended for people who are less active or stressful, often working in one position (eg office workers, drivers, doctors), as well as for people struggling with back and headaches for no apparent reason. Concentrating the massage on the back allows you to relax tense muscles and eliminate pain that causes pain and discomfort that are signs of our time (computer, sedentary lifestyle)
Despite the limitation of action to the upper body parts, ie the back, arms, neck and head, to maintain the balance of the body are also massaged other parts of the body, however, definitely shorter.
During the massage, herbal ointment is used, which supports the natural healing process. Massage removes chronic and post-traumatic pains from various parts of the spine and supports migraine treatment.