Balinese massage Looking for a beauty

Balinese massage and medicine have their origins on the exotic island of Bali – it is one of the many islands included in the Republic of Indonesia in south-east Asia.
Balinese massage is one of many ancient techniques of traditional Indonesian massage, which has been passed down from generation to generation, as a method of treatment in many ailments. You can see in it traces of other ancient techniques such as Chinese acupressure, Hindu ajuwerda, aromatherapy reflexology (the smell is a very important stimulus, not only acts therapeutically, but also stimulates memory, memories, associations).
Like most of the eastern body arts, also Balinese massage aims to balance the circulation of energy in the body and achieve a full state of relaxation of both the body and the mind.
According to Balinese beliefs, the free flow of blood and oxygen through the body determines the achievement of a state of relaxation and energy balance in the body. It contains both smooth, long and stroking movements in order to tone and harmonize the body and mind.
Deep movements, kneading, compressions, rubbing in order to loosen tense muscles. In addition, yoga positions are used to stretch contorted tissues, muscles, and increase joint mobility. Power points are stimulated by energy points, unblocking the energy flow, and the natural healing process is stimulated.