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Khai Thai massage

This massage combines the two best massages: foot reflexology and Thai bangkok street massage. Our therapists ensure that there is nothing better than these two combined massages. Reflexology consists in correct “overworking” of points on the feet and hands. These points, called reflections, correspond to individual human organs. Foot massage and reflexology will help eliminate stress and nervous tension, which are the cause of illness and malaise, improve blood circulation and the flow of nerve impulses, guaranteeing the maintenance of health and proper functioning of the body. It will help restore the natural balance of inefficient, overworked glands. It will eliminate the pain by activating the body’s natural defense systems and will bring a lot of positive energy and vitality. Thai Bangkok street massage is a modified fit more to the western lifestyle and Thai classical massage work. A very intense massage that has a comprehensive effect on the whole body. Only in the Khai Thai Thai and Balinese massage salon you will get such a great connection, so visit Gliwice and our salon.