Welcome to KHAI THAI MASSAGE a real traditional Thai massage,
performed by original therapists from Thailand!
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About us


From the love of Thai massage, from the fascination with Thailand, from the passion,
was born the idea of opening a salon of Thai massage in Gliwice. Such a real salon, as in Thailand. A salon in which massages will be performed by qualified masseuses, who graduated from massage school in Asia. We personally flew there and chose our masseuses, they flew those best. And so was the first salon of Thai massage in Gliwice.

Napięcia mięśniowe

Poprzez masaż i specjalnie zabiegi relaksacyjne, redukujemy wszelkie napięcia mięśniowe

Back pain

We will reduce your pain and discomfort. Thanks to the methods of streaching your spine will gain correct alignment of vertebrae and discs


Using original essential oils straight from Thailand, we will wonderfully relax your body and mind


From the outside in! Massage is one of the oldest and most effective methods of relieving stress

Relaxation for two

The ideal way to spend time for two in a relaxed atmosphere.

Seaside microclimate

Thanks to the use of special air filtration in combination with a brine graduation tower, you will spend time as if by the Thai sea.

High-quality massages


Thai classic massage

Thai classical massage is a unique and unforgettable way of achieving relaxation of the whole body and spirit. This type of massage includes many unique techniques. These are usually a thoughtful combination of philosophies such as acupuncture, a variation of shiatsu massage and even an element of stretching – streching.
Thai massage is firm and intensive – it allows to obtain similar effects as yoga exercises – but they can be obtained without physical effort. This type of massage improves the vitality, supports the resistance to stress, helps to sleep better and maintains mental well-being.

Its main benefits are: improving circulation, supporting the supply of valuable nutrients to body cells, and improving the overall silhouette of the body – tight and firm skin.
In addition, Thai classical massage supports metabolism, the immune system and muscle strength. Joints and ligaments also benefit from this treatment. It reduces migraines and headaches. It is a standard and classic solution with universal benefits for the whole body. It is recommended for people of all ages. Its wide spectrum of action has a beneficial effect on most ailments. For young people, it reduces the strain often associated with excessive computer work in forced, unhealthy positions. Elderly people will find it relaxing, can count on improvement of blood circulation and increase of natural immunity.


Thai foot and leg massage

This type of massage is mainly based on the knowledge of an appropriate, complex technique called holistic reflexology. This is the science of applying pressure to specific points on the feet which have a positive effect on the whole body.

This type of massage is a mixture of foot, thigh and calf massage. This massage supports the free flow of fluids in the body. It is a simultaneous massage of the feet, ankles, toes and thighs. A special balm, oil or beeswax is usually used to massage the feet.

The foot and leg massage is, according to Thai tradition, an excellent solution for allowing energy to flow freely throughout the body. It helps to loosen unnecessary tension, relaxes and eliminates the feeling of “heavy legs”. It is ideal for people who are exposed to prolonged standing or work that puts strain on the lower body. Regular massage also prevents the formation of varicose veins. It relieves the calves and relaxes the feet.

Masaż gorącymi kamieniami

Hot stone massage combines the effect of warm stones with various massage techniques and is beneficial for a tired body and a stressed mind.

Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing, muscle-relaxing, fatigue-relieving and pulse-lowering treatment which improves the flow of energy in the body. It is extremely pleasant and its therapeutic effect is due to the temperature difference between the body and the stones. The heat absorbed by the skin penetrates into its deeper layers.

Massage has a relaxing effect, promotes regeneration of strength, eliminates stress and fatigue. It allows you to relax, unwind and get away from everyday problems. A ritual using hot stones will restore harmony in your organism.

Coconut oil massage

Hot Coconut Oil Massage, whose beneficial properties are well known, is a regenerating and relaxing treatment. This type of massage is a clever combination of acupressure and ayurvedic massage. During the massage, coconut oil penetrates into the skin layers, moisturises and regenerates the skin.

This is another suggestion for those who want to soothe the nerves and relax. Massage with coconut oil promotes circulation and stimulates the lymphatic system. It also causes the body to get rid of retained water.

In addition, coconut oil is a source of natural antioxidants, which are known for their action that effectively reduces a condition called oxidative stress. Thanks to this, the skin will maintain a healthy and young look for a long time. The treatment is mainly intended for people with dry and rough skin.

Balinese massage (with oils)

Massage with a special oil with a specific scent is mainly aimed at soothing the nerves and reducing stress. It is a rather complex and unique combination of techniques used in yoga, acupressure and reflexology. It promotes the relaxation of muscular tensions of the whole body, calms, relaxes and creates a feeling of harmony. Thanks to its intensity, it is able to relax even the deepest muscle parts.

It also prevents and reduces painful cramps. Such properties of this type of massage are mainly due to the special acupuncture pressure.

This treatment is mainly dedicated to people who are forced to bend over during their working day (people working long hours in front of a computer), but also to active people – athletes. Migraineurs, people suffering from sleep disorders and depression will also find relief in this technique. During the Balinese massage, the masseur concentrates mainly on the spine. He tries to relieve and relax this part of the body under the influence of the massage and to strengthen the muscles supporting the spine under skilfully applied pressure. The whole procedure soothes upset nerves, relaxes and calms.

Balinese massage performed by an experienced therapist is a real salvation for sore, strained and tense muscles. What is more, its effect is so effective that it can be described as a therapeutic massage.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi massage is a technique known for thousands of years! It is characterised not only by its relaxing properties, but also has a real impact on health. It is either very gentle, or strong and firm, depending on your wishes.

Lomi Lomi massage reduces stress, removes muscle tension, stimulates the immune system and definitely improves the well-being of the whole body. It also does not neglect the psychological aspects. It soothes the emotions, minimises stress, calms and calms.

Thai massage therapists believe that this technique helps to enhance the flow of good energy throughout the body and helps to achieve spiritual harmony. This massage is for people who want to feel soothed and joyful.

The powerful healing properties of Lomi Lomi massage affect the whole functioning of the body. It is able to cure the hidden illnesses which often cause weakness, apathy, lack of energy and general reluctance to live actively. The energy, stimulated by the massage, flows through the whole body and stimulates it to action.

Our price list



Classic Thai massage
120min – 230zł
60min – 140zł
Thai massage for seniors
60min – 160zł
Thai sport massage
60min – 170zł


Balinese massage
60min – 180zł
90min – 240zł
120min – 290zł
Balinese massage with hot coconut oil
60min – 210zł
90min – 260zł
Balinese 4-handed massage
60min – 320zł


Khai Thai massage
90min – 190zł


Balinese foot and leg massage
60min – 160zł


Lomi Lomi Massage
90min – 240zł
120min – 290zł


Leg massage with reflexology
60min – 120zł
Leg 4-handed massage with reflexology
60min – 200zł


Thai foot and leg massage
60min – 140zł


Thai back massage
60min – 160zł


Hot stone massage
90min – 270zł


Thai Face, Head and Neck Massage
30min – 80zł


Leg massage for pregnant women
60min – 140zł
90min – 220zł
Balinese massage for pregnant women
60min – 200zł
120min – 340zł


Thai massage for couples
60min – 240zł
90min – 340zł
120min – 400zł
Balinese massage for couples
60min – 320zł
90min – 430zł
Balinese massage with hot coconut oil
60min – 370zł
90min – 480zł

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