masaż klasyczny gliwice

Thai Classic Massage Masaż Klasyczny

Thai classical massage:


Once Thai massage was intended only for members of the royal family. Today, Thai massage is one of the most popular oriental massages in Poland. Thai massage consists in rhythmic compression of specific points on the body during stretching. It is believed that by pressing the right points, the massaged person gets rid of stress, tension and pain.
The massaged person is dressed in loose, comfortable clothes and lies on a special mattress of moderate flexibility. During the massage the masseuse works very hard with his body, using hands, thumbs, elbows and forearms, as well as feet. Throughout the duration of the massage we are stretched in all possible directions, in fact it can be said that it is a stretching massage and that is why it is often colloquially called yoga for the lazy.
Take advantage of the unusual classic Thai massage, which is 2,500 years old and is a combination of the best techniques. It is also an ideal gift for all those who want to forget about everyday duties for a moment. In addition, it is a great opportunity to get rid of pain and stress, because despite the fact that the treatment is very intense, it brings relief to the tense muscles.

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