Legs and feet massage with reflexotherapy Looking for a beauty

Foot massage with reflexology

It is a technique of stimulating reflex zones that correspond to specific parts of the body. There are many forms of this massage: reflexology of the feet, hands, face and skull, stimulation of zones located on the nose with the help of sticks, ear reflexology … The most interesting is foot reflexology due to the construction of this zone and high concentration of nerve endings and meridians. Different schools differently locate reflective zones. This is due to two factors: knowledge about reflexology evolves and it is possible to more and more precisely determine points, besides the location of points on available maps is only approximate. The exact location also depends on the individual morphological structure. An experienced therapist can deduce the exact location of a point from the patient’s reaction.
Although all forms of reflexology are designed to stimulate the general process of self-healing, we can distinguish two approaches:
According to the first, reflexology is a healing technique that combats the symptoms of diseases through a holistic approach – it treats the body as a whole and tries to find out the deep causes of disease to remove superficial symptoms. The therapist uses only hands, no creams or oils. It draws attention to the condition of the skin and all palpable symptoms (spots, redness, graininess, presence of uric acid crystals, etc.), from which it is able to read the presence of diseases of various organs.
According to the second goal of reflexology, as a massage, there is relaxation and well-being. The therapist uses different techniques, cream, oil and accessories (eg wooden sticks in Thai technique). The reflex zones are located not only on the feet, but also on the legs. In our Thai massage salon in Gliwice, this massage will be performed by top-class therapists, specialists in this massage. Gliwice is from now one of the few places in Silesia, where you can personally feel the beneficial effects of this ancient therapy