Hot Stones Massage Looking for a beauty

Hot stones massage

Autumn or winter chandra? Come, warm up and unwind with a Thai hot stone massage in the Thai and Balinese massage salon Khai Thai Gliwice. It is a unique massage relaxing and regenerating the body. Natural active substances contained in oils under the influence of hot basalt stones deeply penetrate the skin structure, nourishing it. Oxidation of the skin, cleansing of toxins and strengthening immunity are the main advantages of this treatment. By choosing Thai Massage with Hot Stones you will feel how energy flows through your whole body. Subtle movements of heated, basalt stones provide an extremely deep relaxation. It is a massage that combines the advantages of aromatherapy, drainage, acupressure and thermotherapy. If you are looking for relief for a tired body, Thai Massage Hot Stones is the perfect solution for you. The treatment stimulates blood circulation and greatly reduces stress. It affects positively on the functioning of the whole organism. After the massage the skin becomes firm and elastic. In addition, it is better oxygenated and supplied with blood. The treatment combines analgesic and calming effects.