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Balinese massage for pregnant women
The aim of the massage is to reduce edema, tension and pain in the areas subject to excessive load: shoulders, neck and neck, back – especially the lumbosacral section, lower limbs and joints of the lower limbs. As the child grows, the woman’s center of gravity changes. In general, the lumbar spine is excessively bent forward. The spine becomes overloaded. Overloading the muscles and the spine causes discomfort or pain that discourages movement. In addition, the growing fetus oppresses the blood vessels causing circulatory disorders, which often manifests as swelling of the legs. These are the main reasons why massage for pregnant women is indicated. In Khai Thai salons, we do this massage on the bed, using disposable underwear. An oil massage technique is used; the whole body is massaged, with special emphasis on legs, pelvis and back. The massage allows, thanks to the used oils, to regenerate the body and make the skin more elastic, which absorbs faster and returns to the antenatal state. The beneficial effect of massage relieves tired legs and feet, and also removes excess water and lymph.
Balinese massage for pregnant women or after pregnancy helps:
loosen the tense muscles of the legs, pelvis and back,
remove myalgia,
make the skin elastic,
regenerate the skin,
absorb the skin faster,
eliminate the feeling of “heavy legs”,
remove excess water and lymph from the body.


Foot massage

Foot reflexology is an effective and safe method of therapy during pregnancy, providing excellent support for mother and child. It’s about compressing the right points on your feet, called reflections. Each of these points corresponds to a specific organ, internal organ or body part. Reflexology as a science deals with the principles of work of these reflections and offers the knowledge necessary to recognize the causes of their hypersensitivity. Pregnancy is undoubtedly an amazing and magical period in the life of every woman. It is also a time of many exciting changes taking place in her entire body. Reflexology treatments are extremely important during pregnancy because they affect both mother and child. The treatment is very relaxing and calming before and after childbirth. It reduces the stress and anxiety that may arise during this period, which helps to reduce the discomfort of any ailments usually arising during pregnancy. From month to month, the baby grows and the stomach grows larger, making the internal organs less and less difficult to function properly. Through pressure on we can not receive unpleasant signals from the body. Reflexology helps relieve or prevent discomfort associated with these dysfunctions and lead to balance. A woman who feels relaxed and happy during pregnancy, gives the child peace and fullness of life from the very beginning. Regular treatments performed during pregnancy are an ideal way to maintain balance and harmony in this unique moment in the life of a woman. It is recommended to start reflexology treatments from the third month of pregnancy when the placenta is fully positioned in the uterus. In case of such complaints as nausea, vomiting or headaches, reflexology treatments are recommended earlier, from the second month of pregnancy.